Christian Simon Petersen – His great-grandfather (1874-1953)

born:  29 Sep 1874 in Vrensted, Denmark

death: 31 Aug 1953 in Los Angeles, California, United States
Christian Simon Petersen (Pete) was born in Denmark.  While in Denmark, he was part of the King’s Guard.  He coached the future King Christian X in gymnastics.  Grandpa Pete came to the United States in 1903, leaving his wife Vilhelmine Josepha Augusta Hansen and 4 children behind to arrive at a later date.  His family boarded the SS Norge in June 1904 but never made it to the United States.  The ship carrying them sank during the journey on 28 June 1904.

Pete moved to Los Angeles and married Jennie Martina Mattson on the 25 Aug 1906.  They had 6 children.  By the time WWI draft was required, the family was living in Cochise, Arizona.  After the death of his second wife, the family moved back to Los Angeles, California where he resided until his death.
When King Christian X of Denmark came to the United States, he recognized Pete and called to him at a gathering in Los Angeles (year unknown)1, hugging each other like long lost relatives. 
1.  Story told to us by his daughter-in-law who was present at event.

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