Her Pilgrim Ancestor – John Howland

It seems appropriate to do a post on her Pilgrim ancestor – John Howland.  Thank you John Howland for everything you did for religious freedoms!

Grandma always said “We came to America on the Mayflower.”  I’ve spent many years trying to find a connection, always assuming I would be close in years but not really expecting it to really be the Mayflower!  (Just like all the American Indian Princess stories out there!!)

There were plenty later (1630’s and 1640’s) but nothing put “me” on the Mayflower.   Well, about 5 months ago, on a rare fluke of a find – I found it!

Much has been written about the survivors of the first winter.

My favorite piece of information so far – “a lusty young fellow – John Howland – was, by a lurch of the ship, thrown overboard . . . though he was something ill with it, yet he lived a many years after.”  I HAVE A LUSTY YOUNG FELLOW AS AN ANCESTOR!!!

John Howland also signed the Mayflower Compact – the first known governing document!

Birth: about 1591

Death: 23 February 1672/3

Marriage:  John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley (also arrived on the Mayflower) in 1623/4.


  • Desire – married John Gorham
    • Their daughter Temperance – married Edward Sturgis
      • Their daughter Fear – married Joshua Holmes
        • Their daughter Temperance – married John Smith (not THAT John Smith!)
        • These are my 6x great grandparents!
        • It was while researching my Smith Line after breaking a brick wall that this piece of information was revealed.
  • John – married Mary Lee
  • Hope – married John Chipman
  • Elizabeth married Ephraim Hicks and John Dickerson
  • Lydia – married James Browne
  • Hannah – married Jonathan Bosworth
  • Joseph – married Elizabeth Southworth
  • Jabez – married Bethiah Thatcher
  • Ruth – married Thomas Cushman
  • Isaac – married Elizabeth Vaughn

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