screws up again!

So announced today that it is “Retiring” Family Tree Maker.  Talk about a bad decision!  This SUCKS!

Dear Ancestry:

So you think you are as good as Microsoft?? Even their new cloud based Office 365 allows for a download for desktop use. They don’t assume you will always have internet and our documents can easily be saved to our desktop.

What about all our “documents”? Do you think once we put them on our tree, that is the only time we need to look at them? For “CLICKERS”, that might be true. But for those of us seriously doing genealogy, we constantly refer back to our documents we have tagged.

The software is so much better as a true research supplement than your online PAID service. The online site enables us to get more information easily and quickly, but WE STILL NEED TO ANALYZE the information gathered.

How do you propose we publish various reports??  How will we find errors/duplicates??  Just last night, I ran across a city name in Nebraska for a newly found relative.  I knew I had heard of it.  The online site did not have the ability to search my tree to find other relatives in the same city, but my Family Tree Maker was able to.

As a side note, the relatives lived in the same city during the same time – one from my mom’s branch, the other from my dad’s branch.  They didn’t marry but how cool that they were in the same place!  The online version would have taken me FOREVER to find this out.

Someone who doesn’t do genealogy research made this BAD/POOR business decision!  Did they even consult with actual genealogists they employ??  My guess – no – since it is evident their social media employees don’t do research.


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