Nathan Overman Hill – His 3x great-Uncle (1844-1927)

Nathan Overman Hill is His 3x great-uncle.

Nathan’s brother (John Alvin Hill) was His 2x-great-grandfather.

Birth: 6 May 1844 in Rush County, Indiana, United States (1)

Death: 24 July 1927 in Arapahoe, Furnas County, Nebraska, United States (2, 5)

Parents: Jonathan (Jack) Hill and Elizabeth Overman


  • Sarah Elizabeth Hill
  • John Alvin Hill – known as Ippy to His family
  • Viola A Hill
  • Charles E Hill

Spouse: Marietta Caldwell (3)

Children (4)

  • Edgar H Hill
  • Orpha Mae Hill
  • Ireena Hill
  • Leroy Hill
  • Florence Curtis Hill


Nathan enlisted in the Union Military during the Civil War.  He was part of the Indiana 9th Cavalry (Company E, 121st Regiment).  He was mustered in on December 19, 1963 and mustered out on August 28, 1865.   His unit made their way to Pulaski, TN.  On September 25, 1864, a portion of the regiment was in the Battle at Sulphur Branch Trestle.  They then made their way to Nashville, being engaged in Battle of Franklin where Nathan was captured as a prisoner of war on December 1, 1864.  [We are assuming he must have been injured in the battle since most of the Union troops left to go towards Nashville, leaving the wounded and the battleground to the Confederate forces].  See our posts about the battlefield here (Carter House) and here (Lotz House).

Nathan was sent to Cahaba Prison, Alabama (a prisoner of war camp).  He was then transferred to the Andersonville Prison, Georgia (Fort Sumter) and ultimately released/exchanged on April 15, 1865.


Nathan returned home to Indiana after his release and mustering out.  The family story is that as he walked up to the home, his mother didn’t recognize him and wondered why a vagrant was approaching the house.  His mother wrote a letter to her brother Charles while Nathan was away.  We have the original letter!

Nathan moved several times after the war.  It appears the entire family moved to Arapahoe, Nebraska.  Brother John had property here until the early 1910’s.  Marriage and census records have him in these locations:

  • 1867 – Clark county, Missouri (marriage record)
  • 1870 – Marion, Lee county, Iowa (federal census)
  • 1885 – Marion, Lee county, Iowa (Iowa state census)
  • 1890 – Furnas county, Nebraska (veteran’s schedule)
  • 1920 – Arapahoe, Furnas county, Nebraska (federal census)
  • 1927 – burial – Arapahoe Cemetery – his wife and parents are also buried here.  Daughters Ireena and Orpha and son Edgar are also buried here.  Brother Charles is buried here too.


Hill, Nathan O

(1) trees – nothing specifically other than this gives an exact birth date
(2) Memorial # 10347217  We’ve been to cemetery!
(3) Missouri Marriage Records, 1867, pg 271
(4) 1880 Federal Census; Marion, Lee county, Iowa; pg 22B
(5) Pension Index, Civil War, Indiana



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