DAR Applications

I just finished the supplemental applications for a DAR member!  Feeling so accomplished!  Sure hope it doesn’t get rejected by the staff genealogist!

In DAR, the registrar is the primary person you contact if you want to submit an application (initial or supplemental).  Since I finished the 4 DAR genealogy courses recently, she asked if I would be willing to help as part of the Membership Committee.  I would be providing help to new or current members with their applications.

My first lady was already a member.  She was wanting to add supplemental applications for possibly 3 patriots.  The first 2 were very straight forward – the patriots in question were the father and father-in-law of her original application patriot.  They were already proven links to her patriot.  WIN!  I was responsible for filling out the application, sending it to the registrar for a look over, and then off it goes!  I added commas to page 2 – evidently that’s a big NO NO now.  The DAR Genealogy Guidelines booklet on page 27 states commas are optional, but I was asked to remove them since someone had an application returned for having commas recently.  REALLY?!? No commas?!?

Patriot #3 was the challenge.  The member assumed this potential patriot was theirs since another member has this patriot as well as the same patriot as her initial one.  After about 6 hours of research, I can not find a link to this other patriot.  I feel bad telling her he isn’t her patriot.  Hopefully she will find more information on a different patriot.  She doesn’t seem to want to do any of the research herself.  Unfortunately, I’m not a free unlimited resource for her research.  I’m willing to spend some time, but not to go looking for more supplementals for someone.  If this were a prospective member, I might be willing to help a little more.

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