Is Error Report Accurate??

This has been one of the most frustrating exercises proposed as a “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun”.  My first run of the data error report yielded 48 pages.  I’ve spent close to 100 hours since that fateful report trying to clean up the stupid duplicate entries – a much needed thing but it has been a real chore.

The duplicates arose from 2 probable events.
1) at the beginning of this genealogy journey, I had each of my grandparents as a separate tree.  After several situations of not remembering how I was related to someone, I decided to merge them.  Merging gave duplicates since I didn’t want to remove any events.  I then decided to merge my line with hubby’s line. Another set of duplicates.

2) I received a GEDCOM from a cousin who is the genealogist for the family association.  I merged my tree with this one and MANY of my duplicates were from this.  This merge also gave me most of the errors of “person’s sex is unknown” and “individual has same last name as spouse”.  To think the “genealogist” would have such a messy tree was mind boggling.

So I have rerun the error report and somehow I still have 17 pages of errors.  I know that some of the “Sex Unknown” are legitimate – a baby died before death certificates were mandatory and no one remembered what sex the baby was.  Understood.

So know I question the accuracy of the error report.  I compared some of the names that I know I didn’t touch on the 48 pages of errors and now they show up as an error.   How do I trust this??

So I’m off to fix the 17 pages of errors and will not add any individuals – just fix the error, run the report again and see what happens.

I’ll let you know what happens!


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