52 Relatives in 2018 #43 Sarah Hooper Hawkes Wardwell (1650-1711)

Sarah Hooper Hawkes Wardwell

relationship: Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 9x removed (Francis Johnson)

This has been a unique experience finding out about and how many of my relatives and ancestors were accused, arrested, and executed for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.

Sarah is the mother-in-law of Francis Johnson.  Francis Johnson is the grandson of Francis Dane.  His wife (Sarah Hawkes Johnson), mother-in-law (Sarah Hooper Hawkes Wardwell), sister-in-law (Mercy Wardwell), and father-in-law (Samuel Wardwell) were all accused and arrested.  His father-in-law Samuel Wardwell was executed on the same day as my 9x-great-Grandmother Mary Ayer Parker.  The connection of so many seems highly unlikely to be coincidence.

I’ve not found any direct evidence to support my hypothesis, but it sure seems like the family members of Francis Dane were targeted during this time period.

All of her property was confiscated upon her arrest.  Her children were placed in various households during her incarceration.  Upon her release in 1693, she was left destitute.   Her children petitioned for restitution and were awarded a settlement in 1712, after her death.

Copy and transcript of confession document (from Salem Witchcraft Papers)

wardwell sarah hooper salem witch trial confessionwardwell sarah hooper salem witch trial confession 2

The 1’rst Septemb’r 1692.
Before Maj’r Gidney Mr Hathorne Mr Corwin Jno Higginson Esq’r The Confession of Sarah Wardwel wife of Sam’ll Wardwel of Andivor after many Denials of w’t She was accused for & [pbar ]’rticularly of tormenting the afflicted [pbar ]’rsons by loocking on them w’th her Eyes before the Justices w’ch not withstanding was Evident to the behold’rs She was required to declare the truth in the fear of god, & then She Confeses as followeth that She thinks She has been in the Snare of the Divel 6 years at w’ch time #(theDivel) a man appeared to her & required her to Worship him & doe him Service he Said he was god & Should be worshiped & promised Me Such thing as I wanted as Cloathing & the like She Saith She Signed a peice of paper by putting her fing’r to it which (as She thinks) made a black mark being asked why She did not weep & lament for it She answered She could not Weep She S’d She was baptized in Shawshin River & he dipt her face in the Watt’r & at her baptizme She gave her Self Soul & body to him & he told her She was his Servant She Says She both went & Retturned on foot & was alone She was also once at Salem Village Witch metting where their ware many people & that She was Carried upon a pole in Company w’th 3 more Viz Good’y Fostter Good’y Carrier & Good’y Lawrence their was also aminister there & Some Men w’th pretty handsome apparell & that She Saw a weaman Cary wine & amongts them She S’d She knew Good’y Carrier to be a witch She S’d She afflicted none butt Marth’a Sprauge last night — being asked how She did it Said that Marthr Spraue was a means of taking up her husband & because he was gone from home & she much Vext at it & thereupon Suddenly Catcht up her Child in her armes & wished Sprauge might be afflicted a little after S’d She Squezed her Child w’th an Intention that the [pbar ]’rsons Should be afflicted She S’d She Never New her husband to be a witch till She was Such an one her Self & thinks her daughters have been so butt a little while not above a month She ownes She is Sorry for w’t She has done & promises to renounce the Divel & all his works & Serve the true Liveing god — Noate she is accused for afflicting Sprauge Marttin & Rosse fostt.’r & In the time of her Examination Struck them dwone w’th her Eyes & Recovered them by her touching of their armes as also Struck dwone Sarah Bridges & Hanah Post & Mary Warren Mary Lacy Jun’r & Martha Sprauge Testified they Saw her afflict Abigal Martin in the Court & Hannah Post S’d She Saw her afflict Sarah Bridges

Sarah Wardwell Signed & owned the above S’d Examination & Confession Before Me

The Mark
of Sarah Wardwel X
*John Higginson , Justice peace


birth: 7 December 1650 in Reading, Massachusetts, United States

parents:  William Hooper (1617-1678) and Elizabeth Marshall


  1.  June 1670
  2.  9 January 1672 in Andover, Massachusetts, United States


  1. Adam Hawkes (1605-1671)
  2. Samuel Wardwell (1643-1692)



  • Sarah Hawkes Johnson (1671-1716) married Francis Johnson
  • Mary Mercy Wardwell (1673- ) married John Wright (1675-1752)
  • Elizabeth Wardwell (1675-1675)
  • Samuel Wardwell (1676-) married Return Ellinwood Piles
    • placed with Uncle John Ballard (married to Rebeckah Hooper) while parents jailed
  • William Wardwell (1679-1751) married Dorothy Wright (1688-1773)
    • placed with Corp. Samuel Fry while parents jailed
  • Eliakim Wardwell (1687-1753)  married Ruth
    • placed with Daniel Poor while parents jailed
  • Rebecca Wardwell (1691-1736) married Ezekiel Osgood (1679-1741)
    • placed with John Stevens while parents jailed

death:  Before 1711, due to court records about Salem Witch Trials presented by sons and stating she had died.



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