52 Relatives in 2018 #52 Leland Fetherkile (1921-1922)

Leland Fetherkile

relationship:  1st cousin 2x removed

Uncle Clarence and his wife Zelma divorced 2 months after the death of their son Leland.  Family rumor was that Clarence blamed her for his death.  Reading the death certificate, I can understand why.  Leland evidently drank/ingested kerosene at his maternal grandparents home.

birth:  23 April 1921 in Benton County, Iowa, United States

parents:  Clarence Leland Fetherkile (1900-1980) and Zelma Harrison (1903-1982)

death:  15 August 1922 in Taylor Township, Benton County, Iowa, United States

fetherkile leland death notice vinton eagle pg 4 aug 18 1922

101768567_00319 (2)

burial:  Cox Cemetery, Benton County, Iowa, United States



Ancestry.com. Iowa, Death Records, 1920-1940 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2017.
Original data: Iowa, Death Records, 1920-1940. State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa.

“Baby Dead Following An Illness Of Two Hours.” Digital Archives of the Vinton Public Library and the Benton County Historical Society, 2018, bentoncounty.advantage-preservation.com/viewer/?k=fetherkile&i=f&by=1922&bdd=1920&d=01011922-12311922&m=between&ord=k1&fn=the_vinton_eagle_usa_iowa_vinton_19220818_english_4&df=1&dt=10. Vinton Eagle newspaper archive, August 18, 1922; page 4

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