Mary Hasket – His 6x great-grandmother (~1700-1784)

After writing about her husband William Hasket, it seems appropriate to also write about Mary.

Mary is mentioned in a Quaker document (date unknown, assuming to be after 1754) indicating her as parent to the following children:

Abraham – born 12-24-1733; married Jemima Lacey
William – born 2-20-1736
Jesse – born 8-4-1738;  died 3-2-1762 (age 23)
John – born 6-11-1741; married Elisabeth Woodly (Woodley)
Isaac – born 4-18-1744
Jemima – born 12-12-1747; died 3-15-1762 just 13 days after brother Jesse (age 14)
Joseph – born 8-15-1749
Silas – born 1-7-1752
Thomas – born 9-13-1754; married Sarah Albertson



1772:  Mary is the head of the household in 1772 Tax records for Perquimans County, North Carolina.  I have assumed William is dead at this time since his will is dated early 1772.


1775:  Mary is again the head of the household.  She pays her 1775 Taxes (pg 4 of unknown poll taker district) on 3 polls – her son Thomas, and negroes Sampson and Venus.  Sampson appears to have joined the household about the time of William’s death since he is mentioned in William’s will.


1779:  Mary pays her 1779 Tax on 61 acres, 2 negroes, 1 horse, and 19 cattle.  I am disturbed by the value placed on human life.  At least the 2 people are worth more than her 61 acres.


1781:  An interesting find while researching this family is this Revolutionary War Pay Voucher for Mary Hasket.  I have included the pay voucher for her son John (who is His mother’s link to DAR!)   They are numbered sequentially.  None of the siblings married a woman named Mary.  At this time, her husband William has died and she is living on 61 acres (I’m assuming she still has the land until I find date for the transfer to her son Thomas.)

This might allow for a female supplemental for my mother-in-law!!

Hasket John pay voucher rev warHasket Mary pay voucher Rev War (2)


1783:  Mary pays her 1783 taxes in Perquimans County, North Carolina on 2 negroes named Lydia and Samson.  Venus is on the tax record for her son Thomas.  She also has no acreage but Thomas pays a poll on 61 additional acres at this time.  She also has 4 cattle.


Mary is not indicated on the 1787 Tax records.  Her will supports the idea she is deceased by this time.

Mary Hasket’s will is dated 9th day, 11 month, 1784 and probated during 1785.  It mentions granddaughter Anne Hasket but does not indicate parent of Anne.  This could be John’s daughter, who married Thomas Hill.  It also mentions sons John, Silas, Thomas.  A Jesse Hasket is a witness but it is unclear if this is a son, nephew, grandson, or other possible relative.

Transcript of Mary Hasket’s will:

North Carolina Perquimons County  ??? all men By these ??? that I Mary Haskit of the County and province aforesaid Do make and ordain these p?? to Be and Contain my Last will and Testament in the following manner and forme  First it is my will that all my just Debts and funeral Expenses Be paid out of my Estate in Due time after my Decease.

Item  I give to my grandaughter Anne Haskit one feather Bed and furniture allso one whie pine Chest Lock and T?? allso Her Choice of my Lining whiels also my Sid Saddle allso my weavers Loome and Hannys? allso one Looking Glass allso my Bose Iron and Heaters also one Small iron post and Hooks

Item I give the one Halfe of the Remaining part of my Estate to my Son John Haskit.

Item  I lieve the other Halfe to Be Equilly Divided Betwist my Two Sons Silas and Thomas Haskit

Item I likewise Nomenate Constitut and appoint my Sons John and Silas Haskets Executors to this my Last will and Testament Heareby Revoking and Disanulling all and Evry other former will or wills Bequeths or Extents Before this time By me Named willed or Bequeths Rattefying and Confirming this and No other to Be my Last will and Testament in  witnessses whearas I Have Heareunto Set my Hand and Seall this Ninth Day of the 11 mo one thousand seven hundred eighty four

John Parker?                                                   Mary Haskit
His marke                                                        Her marke
Jesse Hasket

Hasket mary will original (2)


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Marriage Record – John Hill and Eva Huff – His 2x-great-grandparents

This is one of the documents I needed to submit with my mother-in-law’s application to DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  John A. Hill and Eva Huff are His 2x-Great-Grandparents.

If you look closely at record #368, you will notice that John A. Hill’s name is Jno Huff in the second part of the document.  Now I know that Jno can mean John, but it usually means Jonathan.  (I mean, really, how hard would it be to write John vs Jno??)  His last name gets changed in the process as well – Hill becomes Huff.

Another inconsistency is in the name of the wife – Eva Huff becomes Eva Hough.

Thankfully, I have death certificates for both John and Eva.  They name each other as spouse.  Eva’s death certificate names her father as Townsend B. Huff.  I’m hopeful that DAR will accept this!  I can hear them now – but how do you know this Eva Hough is the same Eva Huff you are related to???

No wonder I had such a hard time finding this using search engines!!  Remember that alternate spellings have an interesting way of showing up – even in a single document.


DAR Applications

I just finished the supplemental applications for a DAR member!  Feeling so accomplished!  Sure hope it doesn’t get rejected by the staff genealogist!

In DAR, the registrar is the primary person you contact if you want to submit an application (initial or supplemental).  Since I finished the 4 DAR genealogy courses recently, she asked if I would be willing to help as part of the Membership Committee.  I would be providing help to new or current members with their applications.

My first lady was already a member.  She was wanting to add supplemental applications for possibly 3 patriots.  The first 2 were very straight forward – the patriots in question were the father and father-in-law of her original application patriot.  They were already proven links to her patriot.  WIN!  I was responsible for filling out the application, sending it to the registrar for a look over, and then off it goes!  I added commas to page 2 – evidently that’s a big NO NO now.  The DAR Genealogy Guidelines booklet on page 27 states commas are optional, but I was asked to remove them since someone had an application returned for having commas recently.  REALLY?!? No commas?!?

Patriot #3 was the challenge.  The member assumed this potential patriot was theirs since another member has this patriot as well as the same patriot as her initial one.  After about 6 hours of research, I can not find a link to this other patriot.  I feel bad telling her he isn’t her patriot.  Hopefully she will find more information on a different patriot.  She doesn’t seem to want to do any of the research herself.  Unfortunately, I’m not a free unlimited resource for her research.  I’m willing to spend some time, but not to go looking for more supplementals for someone.  If this were a prospective member, I might be willing to help a little more.

DAR Genealogy Course

I’ve been asked by my local DAR chapter to join the Volunteer Genealogist Committee.

My first question:  Do you think I’m ready to help others??  Response from the Registrar: You are more prepared than just about any other member and you don’t even have any courses completed.

My second question:  What courses are you talking about??  Response:  DAR offers 3 online courses for members to train committee members (or any member) to help prospective members complete their paperwork.  You would also be helping other members add patriots to their membership.

So on Friday night, I began looking into completing the courses.  There are 3 “required” courses if you want to be considered a Volunteer Genealogist.  Saturday morning I registered for course#1.  There were 7 lessons and a quiz at the end of each lesson.  Passing the lesson requires a score of 9/10 on the quiz – and many of the quiz questions require you to analyze a document written in the 1700’s or 1800’s.

Sunday afternoon saw the completion of course 1!!!  I was surprised how much I knew – I’ve never taken a genealogy related course before.  My hubby says I’m good at researching anything and that I pay attention to details.  Guess that trait has paid off.

Now I wait patiently for the second course to be available!

Let’s see where this committee position takes me!

DAR course 1 completion pic