52 Relatives in 2018 #7 Elizabeth Holt Fox (1796-1883)

Elizabeth Christophers Holt Fox

relationship: Her 4x great-grandmother

birth: 6 February 1796 in New London, Connecticut

parents: Ebenezer Holt Jr (1760-1835) and Elizabeth Christophers (1764-1851)

Elizabeth is a possible Daughter of the American Revolution through her father, a Revolutionary War Patriot, and her grandfather, Ebenezer Holt Sr.   She is also a Mayflower descendant through William Brewster.

War of 1812 (1812-1815)

marriage: 26 December 1816 to Thomas Lester Fox (1794-1865) in New London, Connecticut


*  Elizabeth Holt Fox (1818-1841)
*  Thomas William Fox (1820-1896)
*  Christopher Holt Fox (1821-?)
*  Charles James Fox (1825-1828)
*  Caroline L Fox (1830-1903)
*  Maria Louisa Fox (1831-1832)
*  Louisa M Fox (1834-?)
*  Charles J Fox (1836-1917)

Civil War (1861-1865)

death: 30 April 1883

burial:  East Neck Cemetery.  Waterford, New London Co, Connecticut, United States

Fox Lester and Elizabeth headstone
from findagrave memorial #60918269  Photo posted on FG by ridercoach0412



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Lucretia Beebe Lester – Her 6x-great-Grandmother (1732-1799)

birth; 27 Dec 1732 (1)

death: 12 Nov 1799 (2)

parents: Samuel Beebe and Ann Lester (1)

spouse: Thomas Lester – haven’t figured out if they are related yet (1)

marriage: 30 May 1756

Children:  Lucretia (b. 26 Feb 1757), Anne (b. 2 Jan 1759), Hannah (b. 4 Sep 1762), Esther (b. 6 Jan 1766)

In reading Griffin’s Journal entry, my 6x-great-Grandmother was an extraordinary woman. I’m proud to be her descendant!

 “There have been three or four justly respected and meritorious women who devoted many years of their lives in attending the sick of their sex in this town since 1740…

Mrs. Lucretia Lester succeeded Mrs. King.  She was the daughter of the late Samuel Beebe, of Plumb Island, who was the grandson of Joseph Beebe, the second owner of Plumb Island.  Mrs. Lester became the widow of Thomas Lester not far from 1775.  At, or before that time, she began to be justly respected as a nurse and doctress to the pains and infirmities incident to her fellow mortals, especially her own sex.  She was, for thirty years of her life, conspicuous as such.  Her mild and well-timed answers of tenderness, and manner of administering relief, showed she possessed a mind and judgment fitting for the station she occupied.

To the sick and afflicted she was, at all times, in season and out of season, an angel of mercy; a woman whose price was above rubies; a Dorcas of Scripture; and a mother, may we not safely say, in Israel.  It is said that she attended, with success, at the birth of about one thousand three hundred children, and of that number, lost but two.  Mrs. Lester died on the evening of the 12th of November, 1799, after an illness of about twelve hours.”

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Charles Smith – Her 5x great-grandfather (1749-1802)

birth: 9 Mar 1749 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States

death: 17 May 1802 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States

parents: Capt. John Smith and Temperance Holmes.

marriage: 18 Oct 1771 to Hannah Stewart.

He had 4 children with Hannah:  Charles S, Shubel, Russel, and Hannah.  All 4 were alive in 1802 and mentioned in his will.

He is buried in Avery-Morgan Burial Ground.  (Here’s his findagrave link)

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