52 Relatives in 2018 #14 Adam H Featherkile (1812-1896)

Adam Henry Featherkile

relationship: Her 3x-great-Grandfather

Excerpt from Urbana Bicentennial:  (http://iagenweb.org/benton/history/urbana/bios.htm)
He was born in Kentucky in 1812, and came to Urbana in October of 1852. He had 314 ½ acres of land, valued at $30 an acre. He married Jemima Barley in June of 1832. She died in June of 1837. Mr. Fetherkile then married Sindey Bailey in December of 1837. She died in August of 1841 and left one child. He married Amelia Holley in 1843 and divorced her in 1849. She, also, left one child. He then married Nancy Powley in 1849. She died in October of 1850. He then married Sarah Weysong in April of 1851. They had eight children. He was a democrat, held office of Township Trustee, and was a member of the Dunkard Church. He was among early settlers and made all he had with fine improvements by his untiring energy and perseverance.

Adam Henry Featherkile/Fetherkile made his way through much of the midwest.  Born in Kentucky (just south of Louisville), he moved to eastern Arkansas.  From there he moved to Indiana and then to Iowa.  In the early to mid 1800’s, this wouldn’t have been a quick or easy trip.  (see map below)

While researching this branch, we went to Adam’s home town area (Bardstown, Kentucky).  We walked along the short remaining portion of the Cobblestone Path, overcome with awe that each able-bodied man was required to help build the road, knowing my ancestor probably stood or walked along this same path over 200 years before me and his father helped build it.  The clerks in Bardstown records were amazing!  Thank you!

cobblestone path
One of many pictures we took of the Cobblestone Path. June 2013

We also went to Boone County, Indiana.  The library has a great genealogy section with many of the original records from the courthouse.  After they were digitized, the courthouse gave them to the library.  It is always such a thrill to see the original records!

His final destination was Urbana, Benton County, Iowa, United States.  He arrived here between 1851 and 1856 (based on marriage and state census records).  I still have relatives living in this same small rural town.  When I spent summers here growing up, the population was about 500.  It now has about 1500 people.  The cemetery has 4 generations of Fetherkile’s buried here.

Below is a map taking the current roadways and the quickest time.  Who knows for sure if they went from one destination directly to the next or made stops along the way.  So far there are no documents supporting long-term stops along the way.  Even using this, I don’t know if the family traveled by foot, horse/cart, boat, train, or a combination of all.

birth:  1 April 1812 in Nelson County, Kentucky, United States

parents:  George Fetherkile (1765-1842) and Mary Bailey (1780-1850)


#1. Jemima Bailey (1817-1837) married 17 June 1832 in Phillips County, Arkansas, United States

#2. Sidney Bailey (? – 1841) married 25 November 1837 in Phillips County, Arkansas, United States

#3. Permelia Holley (1820-?) married 10 May 1843 in Orange County, Indiana, United States.  Adam filed for divorce 1 Dec 1847 citing abandonment.

divorce adam H fetherkile vs Permilia

#4. Nancy Pauley (1814-1850) married 3 May 1849 in Boone County, Indiana, United States

004202689_00265 (2)

#5. Sarah Morgan Wysong (1825-1904) married 19 April 1851 in Boone County, Indiana, United States

004202689_00305 (2)


Born to Sidney Bailey:
Lucinda Margaret Fetherkile (1840-1860)

Born to Permelia Holley:
George M Fetherkile (1844-1931) married 1) Emmeline Kinser; 2) Carrie Ardelia Vesper; 3) Sarah Jenette Hawley; 4) Clara

Born to Nancy Pauley:
William M. Fetherkile (1850-1850)

Born to Sarah Wysong:
Adam Alexander Fetherkile (1852-1937)
married Alice Berry (1856-1949)
Mary Polly Fetherkile (1855-1923) married  1) George W Goings (1852-1887) 2) Josiah Godfrey Holloway (1835-1910)
John F Fetherkile (1856-1937) married Nancy Jane (Jennie) Berry (1859-1939)
Abraham Washington Fetherkile (1859-1935) married Lodema Sylvia Jobes (1867-1940)
Sarah Jemina Fetherkile (1860-1923) married William Henry Porter (1857-1943)
Mary Elizabeth Fetherkile (1862-1942) married Elmer Asa Chambers (1858-1935)
Nancy Caroline Fetherkile (1865-1944) married  John R Porter (1864-1928)
Julia Fetherkile (1868-1907) married Adolphus E Moore (1862-?)

death:  5 May 1896 in Urbana, Benton County, Iowa, United States

burial:  Urbana Cemetery in Urbana, Benton County, Iowa, United States

HS fetherkile adam h
photo taken by me.  posted also on findagrave.com



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