Ancestral Places A-Z Challenge – Her Relatives

Below is taken from Linda at Empty Branches on the Family Tree.  This challenge made me realize I have not been consistent in my place naming style!  One more thing to “fix” in my tree!

“Alona Tester, who authors the Lonetester HQ blog,  proposed a new geneameme challenge yesterday – Ancestral Places.

Ancestral Places Geneameme Challenge

The object is to name places affiliated with our ancestral lines beginning with as many of the alphabet letters as possible. It’s okay to list more than place for each letter and add family surnames to attract potential new cousins. I added centuries to my list, which identify the earliest time periods my families lived in a particular place.”

Here is my list focusing on Her Relatives, followed by the family surnames and centuries:

A –  Artesia, Los Angeles Co, California, United States (Fetherkile, Vernak)  1900’s
B –  Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky, United States (Fetherkile, Bailey) 1700’s, 1800’s
C –  Catlin, Chemung Co, New York, United States (Hattis, Hatters, Squires, Squire, Smart) 1800’s
D –  Daytona Beach, Volusia Co, Florida, United States (Fox, Smith) 1800’s, 1900’s
E –  Essex, Massachusetts, United States (Ingalls) 1600’s, 1700’s
F –  Fairfax, Franklin Co, Vermont, United States (Colegrove, Tracy, Ingersol) 1700’s, 1800’s
G –  Groton, New London Co, Connecticut, United States (Lester, Smith, Wheeler, Holt, Holmes) 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s
H –  Hanna, Henry Co, Illinois, United States (Hattis, Squires, McCain) 1800’s
I –   Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts, United States (Douglas, Fillmore, Tilton, Lester) 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s
J –  Jackson, Minnesota, United States (Simonson) 1800’s, 1900’s
K –  Killingworth, Middlesex Co, Connecticut, United States (Crane, Griswold) 1600’s 1700’s
L –  Lebanon, Boone Co, Indiana, United States (Wysong, Fetherkile) 1800’s
M –  Moline, Rock Island Co, Illinois, United States (Cross, McCann/McCain) 1800’s
N –  Na-Au-Say, Kendall Co, Illinois, United States (Fox, Smith, Spangler) 1800’s
O –  Orange Co, North Carolina, United States (Berry, Ellison) 1700’s 1800’s
P –   Phillips Co, Arkansas, United States (Bailey, Fetherkile) 1800’s
Q –  Quinlan, Major Co, Oklahoma, United States (Pettigrew) 1900’s
R –  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts, United States (Millard, Winchester, Wright) 1600’s 1700’s
S –  Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts, United States (Ingersoll) 1600’s 1700’s
T –  Twin, Preble Co, Ohio, United States (Wysong) 1800’s
U –  Urbana, Benton Co, Iowa, Unites States (Berry, Fetherkile, Smith, Burrell, Colegrove, Wysong) 1800’s 1900’s
V –  Vinton, Benton Co, Iowa, United States (Berry, Fetherkile, Smith, Burrell, Hawley) 1800’s 1900’s
W –  Walnut, Polk Co, Iowa, United States (Calvert, Gott, Squires) 1800’s 1900’s
X –  Xenia, Greene Co, Ohio, United States (Wysong) 1900’s
Y –  Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts, United States (Gorham, Sturgis, White) 1600’s 1700’s
Z –  Zanesville, Muskingum Co, Ohio, United States (Huff) 1800’s


Interesting exercise!  How many are you able to find??