Next Mayflower Application in the mail!

I sent my William Brewster Mayflower Society application into the state historian/genealogist for approval today – along with $135.

Sure hope it gets approved quickly.  Every generation has already been approved on various applications – this one should be a slam-dunk with minimal paperwork/documentation provided.

Already approved:  John Howland

Sent for approval:  William Brewster

Waiting to send:  Elizabeth Tilley Howland, John Tilley, Joan Hurst Tilley, Mary Brewster.  Can’t wait to send these in also!!


52 Ancestors in 2018 #11 Elizabeth Tilley Howland (1607-1687)

Elizabeth Tilley Howland

relationship:  10th great-grandmother

Elizabeth is my Mayflower ancestor.   She sailed to the New World with her parents and an aunt and uncle.  All of them were Puritan Separatists.  All four of these relatives died during the first winter.  She was then taken in by the Carver family.  Then Mr. and Mrs. Carver died in the late spring of 1621, about 5 weeks apart.

Elizabeth’s future husband John Howland became her guardian as well as guardian for the other servants of the Carver’s (William Latham, age 11 and Desire Minter).

Elizabeth and her husband began their married life in Plymouth, moved to Duxbury, and then to Kingston.  She eventually moved in with her son Jabez after her husband died.  That house still exists and is believed to be the only house left that original Mayflower passengers lived in.

birth:  30 August 1607 in Henlow, Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority, Bedfordshire, England

parents:  John Tilley (1571-1621) and Joan Hurst (1567-1621)

marriage:  14 August 1623 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

spouse: John Howland (1591-1672)


Desire (c1624 – 13 Oct 1683) married John Gorham
John (1626-1699) married Mary Lee
Jabez (c1644-1711) married Bethia Thacher
Hope (30 Aug 1629 – 8 Jan 1683) married John Chipman
Joseph (c1640 -1703) married Elizabeth Southworth
Isaac (c1649 – 9 Mar 1723) married Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth (c1631-1683) married Ephraim Hicks and John Dickerson
Lydia (c1633-1710) married James Brown
Hannah (1637-  ) married Jonathan Bosworth
Ruth (c1646 – a1679) married Thomas Cushman

death:  21 December 1687 in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States

burial:  Ancient Little Neck Cemetery, East ProvidenceProvidence CountyRhode IslandUSA

Find A Grave memorial #21561583


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She’s Related to a President #5 (Taylor)

I downloaded the “We’re Related” app from Ancestry recently.  It showed a new president I might be related to!!

After too many hours of research to confirm the information found on the app, it is indeed true – I’m related to President Zachary Taylor – 5th cousin 7 times removed.   This information is the same that “We’re Related” predicted.

Now here is the weird thing – President Taylor had as his Vice President Millard Fillmore.  Yep, that’s the same Millard Fillmore I’m related too!  What are the odds that someone is related to the President and Vice President???

Here’s the spreadsheet showing the relationship.  Now I want to determine if Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore are related.

She is Related to a President #3 (Roosevelt)

Once you start documenting a connection to one “famous” person, it seems like you can’t stop until you’ve gotten all of them done.  My grandmother used to say we “came over on the Mayflower”.  I really didn’t believe it was the actual Mayflower but research has proven Grandma right!

The only President of the United States she had heard of us being connected to was Millard Fillmore.  Grandma would be surprised to know we are related to so many others – no matter how distantly!

So now for the big reveal – Franklin Delano Roosevelt is also a descendant of John Howland of the Mayflower!

Here is how FDR is my 7th cousin 4x removed.

She is Related to a President #1 (Bush)

In doing this research, one always wonders who they are related to that might be “important”.  Well She is related to several United States Presidents – not even in a close way, but related none the less.  Think it will get Her an audience with them??

Here is the relationship to George W Bush (11th Cousin 2x removed) and George H W Bush (11th Cousin 1x removed).

Her Pilgrim Ancestor – John Howland

It seems appropriate to do a post on her Pilgrim ancestor – John Howland.  Thank you John Howland for everything you did for religious freedoms!

Grandma always said “We came to America on the Mayflower.”  I’ve spent many years trying to find a connection, always assuming I would be close in years but not really expecting it to really be the Mayflower!  (Just like all the American Indian Princess stories out there!!)

There were plenty later (1630’s and 1640’s) but nothing put “me” on the Mayflower.   Well, about 5 months ago, on a rare fluke of a find – I found it!

Much has been written about the survivors of the first winter.

My favorite piece of information so far – “a lusty young fellow – John Howland – was, by a lurch of the ship, thrown overboard . . . though he was something ill with it, yet he lived a many years after.”  I HAVE A LUSTY YOUNG FELLOW AS AN ANCESTOR!!!

John Howland also signed the Mayflower Compact – the first known governing document!

Birth: about 1591

Death: 23 February 1672/3

Marriage:  John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley (also arrived on the Mayflower) in 1623/4.


  • Desire – married John Gorham
    • Their daughter Temperance – married Edward Sturgis
      • Their daughter Fear – married Joshua Holmes
        • Their daughter Temperance – married John Smith (not THAT John Smith!)
        • These are my 6x great grandparents!
        • It was while researching my Smith Line after breaking a brick wall that this piece of information was revealed.
  • John – married Mary Lee
  • Hope – married John Chipman
  • Elizabeth married Ephraim Hicks and John Dickerson
  • Lydia – married James Browne
  • Hannah – married Jonathan Bosworth
  • Joseph – married Elizabeth Southworth
  • Jabez – married Bethiah Thatcher
  • Ruth – married Thomas Cushman
  • Isaac – married Elizabeth Vaughn