Marriage Record – John Hill and Eva Huff – His 2x-great-grandparents

This is one of the documents I needed to submit with my mother-in-law’s application to DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  John A. Hill and Eva Huff are His 2x-Great-Grandparents.

If you look closely at record #368, you will notice that John A. Hill’s name is Jno Huff in the second part of the document.  Now I know that Jno can mean John, but it usually means Jonathan.  (I mean, really, how hard would it be to write John vs Jno??)  His last name gets changed in the process as well – Hill becomes Huff.

Another inconsistency is in the name of the wife – Eva Huff becomes Eva Hough.

Thankfully, I have death certificates for both John and Eva.  They name each other as spouse.  Eva’s death certificate names her father as Townsend B. Huff.  I’m hopeful that DAR will accept this!  I can hear them now – but how do you know this Eva Hough is the same Eva Huff you are related to???

No wonder I had such a hard time finding this using search engines!!  Remember that alternate spellings have an interesting way of showing up – even in a single document.


Surname Counts – Genealogy Fun

I am joining all the others out there who are doing the Genea-Musings Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

I used Family Tree Maker 2014 to create this report.  To do so, you would click on Publish – Person Reports – Surname Report.  Sort by Surname Count.  Be sure to include all individuals!

My tree has 4637 individuals.  There are 44 names on each page of the report and this report was 23+ pages in length (I calculate a little over 1000 surnames)  Here’s my first page.


Surname Report

Fetherkile and Featherkile are of the same family.  Their total count would be 91 placing them in the 7th position.  Squires and Squire are also the same family line.  Their total count would be 80 and 8th position.

It doesn’t look like I have any Seavers.