52 Relatives in 2018 #7 Elizabeth Holt Fox (1796-1883)

Elizabeth Christophers Holt Fox

relationship: Her 4x great-grandmother

birth: 6 February 1796 in New London, Connecticut

parents: Ebenezer Holt Jr (1760-1835) and Elizabeth Christophers (1764-1851)

Elizabeth is a possible Daughter of the American Revolution through her father, a Revolutionary War Patriot, and her grandfather, Ebenezer Holt Sr.   She is also a Mayflower descendant through William Brewster.

War of 1812 (1812-1815)

marriage: 26 December 1816 to Thomas Lester Fox (1794-1865) in New London, Connecticut


*  Elizabeth Holt Fox (1818-1841)
*  Thomas William Fox (1820-1896)
*  Christopher Holt Fox (1821-?)
*  Charles James Fox (1825-1828)
*  Caroline L Fox (1830-1903)
*  Maria Louisa Fox (1831-1832)
*  Louisa M Fox (1834-?)
*  Charles J Fox (1836-1917)

Civil War (1861-1865)

death: 30 April 1883

burial:  East Neck Cemetery.  Waterford, New London Co, Connecticut, United States

Fox Lester and Elizabeth headstone
from findagrave memorial #60918269  Photo posted on FG by ridercoach0412



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52 Relatives in 2018 #3 Evelyn Mary – the new addition!

Evelyn Mary (last name intentionally left off – I think you can figure out why!)

relationship: His and Hers granddaughter!!

birth:  12 January 2018  to Kiddo #1 and her hubby

named after:  Evelyn is her maternal 2x great-grandmother’s middle name and Mary is her paternal 2x great-grandmother’s name.




Christmas Came Early!

My husband got tired of listening to me complain about switching tabs while trying to clean up my main tree.   The problem solver that he is – a second monitor for my computer would make my life easier (and his quieter!).  After purchasing the second monitor, he couldn’t contain himself (since I have 48 pages of weird duplicate entry errors) and gave it to me yesterday!

My genealogy endeavor just got easier!!  Thank you husband!!


His DNA Test Results

Well John is 1.5% Neanderthal!!  He is more Neanderthal than the “average” person they sampled. I sure hope my results show less than that!


We took a DNA test through Ancestry.com a few years ago.  This year we ordered the National Geographic DNA test.  They look at different things – Nat Geo isn’t looking to connect us with relatives.  It is a more global look at gene migration through the years.  Where did most of your tidbits come from is their focus.

The left picture is from Ancestry.com.  He is 99% European.  The right picture is from National Geographic.  It states he is 100% European.  The highlighted areas look similar.  The percentages are hard to compare since their focus is different.  If people have been migrating around the European continent for the last 100,000 years, it makes sense you might see variations here.

John’s “Deep” ancestry shows that his haplogroups are pretty uncommon in the samples that National Geographic has collected.  Curious to learn more about these results.